Author Topic: Kayfun 5 MTL airflow reducer set  (Read 159 times)


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Kayfun 5 MTL airflow reducer set
« on: March 30, 2017, 06:43:18 PM »
Hiyas !
Been absolutely yonks since I last posted here !
Got a little gem for you MTL vapers
Those KF5 reducer inserts can be used with other atties!

I got a full sized Merlin the other day, and whilst I Could vape it, it was just that bit Too airy for me. (the Merlin Mini BTW is a great little MTL attie)
I remembered the KF5 reducers that I originally got, knew How they worked (press fit), so wondered if they could be put to use in other atties.
Ordered another set and when they came, saw that they were a fraction too narrow in diameter, so I simply inserted a 2mm Allen key into the 'leg end' and splayed out the 'legs' a fraction.
Took one or two trys to get the right amount of splay-out, but once done, they are a snug fit, do Not leak air at all.

I Now have a full size merlin attie with a Proper MTL draw that I can enjoy!
I have the AFC completely open on the Merlin and getting a Proper MTL vape from it
I Know that they will work now in similar sized airflow on the deck of other atties.

Maybe if SvoëMesto thought about it, they could produce different sized diameters of these and sell them as Proper MTL reducers for other atties ?
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