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« on: February 13, 2016, 10:25:46 AM »
Any of you guys with a DNA200 devices, just want to let you know there has been a recent release (test version ATM) of Escribe that includes a firmware update that adds a few really excellent new features to the board. Solved are a few niggles I've always had with the firmware. So get to stepping over to the Evolv DNA200 forum and download the latest version of Escribe (2016-02-12 EScribe 1.0.39) for these new improvements:

This version features:
(1) a new Materials tab where you can store and transfer material settings onto and from the DNA, <<<REALLY COOL FEATURE<<<
[We've included our Ni200, and Steam Engine's SS316 and Ti1. These will be upgraded in the future, if better data becomes available, and others added if others become common.]
(2) the ability to change a profile's material without EScribe, by holding down all three buttons while locked,
(3) Profile Name and Material Name can be displayed on-screen as custom fields,
(4) profiles now have a "Temperature Dominant" option, making temperature the main adjustment for a profile if you want to do so, <<Excellent!<<<
(5) for small batteries, in the Mod tab, you can reduce max continuous and pulse battery input currents,
(6) in Help->Language, you can override the language detection,
(7) Device Monitor has "Simulate Button Presses" for remote testing,
8 Device Monitor can run Python scripts for scientific study and automation,
(9) the ability to adjust the temperature increment, and  <<FINALLY 1 DEGREE ADJUSTMENTS!<<
(10) various OS compatibility and miscellaneous improvements.

Be sure you uninstall your version of Escribe before you run the installer for this. The download includes the latest test firmware to update your devices. I've been running this on my devices since they released this and couldn't be happier.

Changing your profile to a "Temperature dominate" profile means the temp is the main parameter shown on the screen and changing the increment to 1 degree means fine adjustment on the fly with just the + or - button, gone is the hassle of 5 clicks to lock and then hold down both buttons to adjust temp. You still have to do the same for Watts in this setup, but I much prefer having fast access to the temp. My Vt133 (Favourite DNA device right now) has never been so good.
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Re: DNA200
« Reply #1 on: August 05, 2016, 09:57:27 AM »
My first DNA200 board device - actually a DNA75 - has just arrived this morning...  This was a move I had been actively avoiding for quite some time, I have to admit, but now it's here and having a tinker in the EScribe software I have to say that I am mightily impressed with the infinite tinkering and fine tuning that EScribe offers...

As per your post here Keith, first thing was to change the temperature adjustment increments to 1 degree at a time plus switch all of the TC profiles to "Temperature Dominant" mode, to get the temp as the main display function rather than watts...  Also knocked back the pre-heat boost a little, which makes a huge difference with SS wire...  Really impressive stuff actually and a far cry from the earlier DNA chips, eh...