Author Topic: Mystic Juice Reviews  (Read 3334 times)


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Re: Mystic Juice Reviews
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 08:49:50 PM »
Thanks to Dee :) i have used,    Cherry , After 8 , Arctic Ice, & Ice Mint

I start with Cherry it is a nice juice , but just not for me,
When i 1st started to vape i used Cherry with Menthol added and i love it
i could not longer get it, and i try so many cherry juice i think i just when of them
nothing wrong with this juice , just me,  Hubby says it lovely, and mixed with some mint ever better

After 8, I was not sure about it, As i don't like a Chocolate vape much,
so i left it to last, but it is what it says on the tin
lovely chocolate with mint, I could vape this one, It is very very nice
but not all day,  it also make the room smell very nice lol

Arctic Ice, & Ice Mint, I love Both of them, i could vape them both
if i had to pick one to vape all day , I would says Ice Mint ,  Only just cause Arctic Ice is a bit stronger but still love
both of them,

Before C9 got any Mystic Juice i had a few small bottles ,  Raspberry, Fruity Forest, Cola Flavour
They were all Fab just what they says on the Tin,
I got other 4 bottles of cola, It was that good, i just loved it, Used it everyday for 2/3 weeks
I got Cancer and started Chemo and i when of everything,
That was me not the juice, if you had a cola juice and didn't like it, or a funny taste
please try this one it like Pepsi Cola,
Now i am done with chemo,  i have to give it other try soon, and i update more

Next I would like to try Cool Lemonade & Pear Flavour, sound very nice :)

All the juice i had are 100% great vape, and no funny after taste like some other Juice,
This juice is a winner C9

Hope this helps a wee bit i add more as try them
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