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Crème de Vape E-Liquid Mixing Calculator

Base nicotine liquid strength
Enter the strength of your base nicotine liquid.
Strength reguired
Enter the final strength you want your finished e-liquid to be.
% Flavouring (s)
Average when using Crème de Vape Flavour Concentrates is between 5 and 10%.
Number of drops per 1ml
The average number of drops in 1ml is 20, but every dropper bottle varies.
Extra diluent (water/alcohol)
Leave this at 0 unless you are using an extra diluent such as water or vodka to thin your juice.
Final quantity

Enter how much finished e-liquid you wish to make.

Calculated Mix Ratios

Base nicotine liquid
Non-nicotine liquid (PG or VG)
Extra diluent

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